LITTLE POEMS - Arnold Borgerth


The “Little Poems” series encompasses a few groups of images loosely linked around a theme. The different series can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails at the left.

I see them as a series of “visual poetry”, in the sense that, like poetry, one freely plays with the language, feelings and ideas without necessarily being restricted by any kind of structured narrative.
Regardless of anything else, creating images is what I do.
Like with most of my work, I don’t start a project by going out creating photographs to fit a preconceived theme or idea.
And as I look through what I’ve been doing, I find some similarities among the images, sometimes purely formal, sometimes recurrent feelings and themes being explored over a period of time.
That is how “Little Poems” came about.


Not merchandise, not…


Friends, family, extended…


Some peaceful moments…
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