The 21st Century – Arnold Borgerth

The 21st Century

Life carries on as usual, but nothing is quite the same…

As the 21st century settles in, human society goes through major moral, cultural, and organizational changes.
The economic and political landscape, the understanding of what is public or private, individuality and what it means to be an individual, as well as most of what is relevant regarding subjectivity in one’s life are all going through the process of being redefined.
As technology and economic interests push forward the digitalisation, virtualisation, and commodification of most human activities (including our interaction with the world and with one another) I’ve been drawn back into the slow pace and more reflective nature of analogue photography, a process which slows you down creating a space in which intuition and rationality naturally merge.
All images here have been produced through the old camera and black & white film routine.
They consider the intrinsic complexity of the process of vision, made even more complex by the virtualisation of the world.
What one looks at and what one sees are not necessary the same thing …
What are these images really about? What exactly has been photographed?
They are definitely not virtual, have not been digitally manipulated and are mostly quite straightforward.
Still, there is nothing definitive about them and they don’t quite make sense…

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